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About Us

Bayinah’s Story

Bayinah Academy is our answer to a felt need. It is a modern equipped Islamic integrated school for students that focuses on nurturing them in a loving and caring Islamic environment. It encourages the children to embrace an Islamic lifestyle while aiming for the skies in their academic pursuits.

“No two things have been combined together better than knowledge and  patience” – Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

For over a year Bayinah academy has ensured that children in our care enjoy the very best possible start. It is our constant aim to bring out the best in our children and to provide a well rounded experience for every child developing a blend of creativity, confidence and courtesy, which will enable our young people to cope with the demands of life in the 21st century, wherever in the world they may live.

Our Philosophy

Bayinah Academy is about people. Our teaching and non-teaching staff are dedicated to providing the best environment for every student to learn and develop.

Bayinah's Mission

To provide holistic education in an Islamic environment, fostering the next generation with 21st-century learning.

Bayinah's Vision

To prepare students to become well-rounded individuals with high academic standards, characterized with Islamic morals, and equipped with the necessary 21st-century skills.

Why Bayinah

At Bayinah Academy, we strive to provide a safe and happy learning environment that nurtures social responsibility and respect. Our dedicated teachers and involved parents ensure high expectations for all students, who are polite, enthusiastic, independent, and keen to learn. With a holistic approach that values academics, sports, the arts, outdoor pursuits, and events, we aim to bring out the best in every child and develop a blend of creativity, confidence, and courtesy. Trust your children to our care, and we will deliver happy and confident achievers.

Our Approach & Curricula

At Bayinah Academy, we believe in a student-centered approach to learning that recognizes each child as an individual with unique abilities and needs. Our curriculum is based on the British National Curriculum, which has a proven track record of academic success, and we offer the Pearson Edexcel option for our students. This ensures that our students receive a world-class education that is recognized globally.

Benevolent Community & team

At Bayinah Academy, we value our strong sense of community and the team of teachers and staff who make it possible. Our experienced and highly qualified team of teachers and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. We value our strong sense of community and encourage open communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. At Bayinah Academy, we are proud to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.