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Introducing A Levels - September 2023

We are excited to offer A-Level qualifications (Year 12 and Year 13), focusing on advanced academic studies. A Levels provide students with a challenging and comprehensive educational experience that prepares them for higher education and future career paths. Our A-Level program emphasizes independent study, enabling students to delve deeper into their chosen subjects while developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

AS / A2 / A-Level Qualifications

The AS (Advanced Subsidiary) is the first unit of study within the A-Level qualification. It is designed to be more accessible in terms of content and assessment, representing the first half of the full A-Level. It is recognized as a separate qualification on its own.

The A2 is the second unit of study and contributes to the full A-Level. It is more demanding and assessed at a higher level. The A2 is not a standalone qualification; an A-Level is awarded only after successfully completing both the AS and A2 units of the chosen subject. This flexible system allows for a broader curriculum and greater choice without compromising depth or the standard of the GCE A-Level.

At Bayyinah Academy, students are expected to study a minimum of four AS subjects in Year 12 and three A2 subjects in Year 13. If you have a specific university and course in mind, it’s important to check the required AS and A2 level courses for admission.


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