Apply To Bayinah

Detail About How To Apply

Located in the heart of the city, our school prepares students to make a positive impact on the world. Our admissions process evaluates applicants based on their academic and personal qualities. We value diversity and strive to create an inclusive learning environment for students from all backgrounds. Join our community of learners committed to changing the world. Apply now.

At Bayinah Academy, we are committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive learning environment where every student can reach their full potential. Our dedicated faculty and staff are passionate about education and strive to create engaging and challenging academic programs that inspire our students to become lifelong learners. 

Excellent Academic Standards

At our school, we strive to help students achieve their full academic potential through rigorous standards.

World-class facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide students with access to the latest technologies and resources.

Trained & experienced teachers

Our experienced teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, ensuring student success.

Islamic environment

We foster an inclusive and respectful Islamic environment where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive.

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Applicants begin the admissions process by filling out an online application form and providing their personal information and academic records.


Submit The Form

After completing the application form, applicants submit it online along with the required application fee.


Review The Submission

The admissions team reviews the application to ensure that it meets the school’s eligibility criteria and deadlines.


Gather Necessary Documents

Applicants are required to provide additional documents, such as academic transcripts, 2 passport photos, birth certificate/ international passport.


Interviewing Process

the student will be invited for interview allowing them to showcase their strengths and ask any questions about the school.



Based on a thorough evaluation of the applicant’s academic and personal qualities, the admissions team selects the candidates who best fit the school’s community and academic programs.

Things To Know First

The Common Application is required for students applying to Bayinah Academy. You’ll be able to choose your academic level and programs that you are interested in.

Please note the following :

  • Review the admission requirements and deadlines to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Wait for a response from our admissions team. You may be invited to an interview or asked to provide additional information.
  • Nonrefundable 1000 Ksh application fee should be paid before the interview.
  • If accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter and instructions on how to complete the enrollment process.

When To Apply?

Education Level Application Deadline Decision
Kindergarten February 10th December 15
Key Stage 1  February 10th February 15
Key Stage 2  February 10th February 15
Key Stage 3  February 10th February 15
Key stage 4  February 10th April 1

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to:

Box 82-00623
1st & 2nd Parklands Avenue. 
Nairobi, KENYA