Bayinah Academy

Key stage 1

This is the beginning of primary education for our students who have completed the Early Years programme. This is Year 1 and Year 2 of their primary education. We introduce the students to formal lessons.

We continue to provide learning experiences in a conducive, Islamic environment that helps instill confidence and a love for learning. The students are now at the stage of curiosity and discovery and we see them as Creative, Thinkers, Explorers, Problem-Solvers, Investigators, Individuals and Communicators.

We assess their learning continuously with individual attention given to each student to bring out their strengths while taking note of their areas of weakness that need improvement and encouragement. Students are given projects with set goals combined with written assessments as well as homework.

We teach the following Subjects at this stage:

Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Art, ICT, Islamic Religious Studies, Swahili, Physical Education, Humanities – Geography and History, Music, Life Skills, Arabic Language & Extra-Curricular Activities.

We also introduce Subject areas in Personal, Social and Health Education.

These are our students who are six (6) to seven (7) years old getting ready to enter the second half of our primary programme.

Ongoing Admission

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