Bayinah Academy

Key stage 2

This is a stage that encourages our students to explore and apply the knowledge in their daily environment. We steer them towards creating solutions with the resources in their environment while appreciating their differences and diversity. This is the second part of their primary education, Year 3 and Year 4.

We demystify the subjects and make them applicable in their daily lives. For example, we progressively introduce the students to Numeracy application in Maths by using their normal daily uses like counting their allowance when they go shopping, value of money and so on.

The student interactions in class promote individual responsibility towards achieving the overall goals of the school. We also incorporate our core values in the daily learning experiences for the students so that the school environment boosts creativity, dynamism and fun.

The grammar and application of languages is also emphasized with focus on reading, writing, spoken language and literary styles of different writers. Students are encouraged to love writing by doing writing exercises as authors of their own story books. We make this practical in our annual Picture Book Competition where we reward winners as a motivation to be better Writers.

We continue with our Islamic religious studies that emphasize positive character, integrity, discipline, respect, compassion and teamwork. The students participate in key events of the Islamic Calendar as a way of instilling the love of Islam in their daily lives.

We teach the following Subjects in this Stage:
-Literacy -Numeracy -Science -Art & Design -ICT –Islamic Religious Studies -Health & Physical Education (HPE) -Geography and History -Music & Drama -Life Skills – Arabic & Extra Curricular Activities that include Swimming, Horse Riding and Writers Club.

These are our students who are eight (8) to eleven (11) years old getting ready to enter the secondary school programme.

Ongoing Admission

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