Bayinah Academy

Key stage 5

This is the final stage for our students to gain skills to join the universities of their choice! This is a two year programme with examinations that will allow our students get internationally recognized qualifications.

Subjects offered at this level include: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sociology, Global Perspectives, Psychology, Law, History, Economics, Business Studies, ICT, Geography, English Literature, English Language, Arabic, Accounting and Music. Islamic Religious subjects are also given prominence to prepare the students for the challenges ahead.

Our focus is to provide our students with an enabling environment to thrive academically and in extra-curricular programmes. We believe a student who is a well-grounded individual in his or her Islamic faith with a clear academic focus and career path will offer great value to humanity. The students enjoy freedom to be the drivers of their destiny.

These are our students who are sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) years old. 

Ongoing Admission

Don’t miss out on the ongoing Admission for all years