Bayinah Academy


Is Bayinah Academy the right fit for you?

At Bayinah we believe in empowering students to create solutions for tomorrows challenges. If you believe in our values and are looking for an international school to support and challenge you, please view our vacancies.

What makes Bayinah Academy a great place to work?

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to following the school mission: To provide holistic education in an Islamic environment, fostering the next generation with 21st-century learning.

Bayinah Academy workforce is composed of diverse teachers and staff members 

A Bayinah Academy teacher understands that:

  • You need  to have passion in both learning and teaching.
  •  you need to have commitment to catering to each student’s learning needs.
  • they have to inspire students to actively learn, solve, engage and create
  • every student has different learning needs, and need to attend to them according to their
  • needs

What it's like to be a member at Bayinah Academy ?

"The school has a wonderful atmosphere and is really fun to learn. We have a good library with lots of cool books."
Year 6
"The teachers are wonderful and are really friendly I learn alot about our religion and Prophet Muammad (SAW) teachings and duas."
year 4
"I really like doing activities in our school since I learn alot and get to interact with my friends."

Year 7
Ongoing Admission

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